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Some of RECENT website creations

MechCrunch is a mechanical engineering and technology news blog that consist of elegant layout and along with real time site search system. It’s powered by WordPress with a custom theme called MCVIP originally created for the MechCrunch news blog

We didn’t expect much thing from Axault because as a company they are too young, but I think we made a big mistake by forgetting they are expert in field with demonstrated history and some of them already working for large companies. They said I’ll surprise at the end, but it’s not, I was amazed about their work

Staff author, is the official web site of Saminco Smart Tech (Pvt) Ltd. It’s an Automation compay located in Maragama. As a Tech company thier main pupose of maintain web prescens is demostrate and described what they are doing to the globe. It’s powered by WordPress CMS with Cloudflare

Axault is not a new company for me, It’s founder Samiru I knew long before. He does best what he is doing, whether it is small or big. Quality is their outstanding Product. Making a web site from Axault, It’s truly an investment. Well done Axault
Geeth Rathnayake

CEO, Saminco Smart Tech (Pvt) Ltd is the official web site of Lusie travel service. The company was founded by Mr. Justin Perera who has more than 40 years of experience in travel and tourism industry.


Nowadays web presence is a very important to industries like Tourism. Having a web site isn’t enough to stay among the best. Even more important, frequently updating of social media & website. Axault gives that know-how for free.
Justin Perera

Founder, LusieTravels Co.

SLCult channel wanted to start their web site and YouTube channel.They needed Axault to make it. So we designed Sinhala Unicode news blog for local news reader and setup their YouTube channel. Official launching: January 2019

We wanted to make classic but modernized type news blog site . We heard their works facebook. and we requested a proposal. They send truly remarkable design. so we launched our web site before our commencement date.

Editor, SLCult Channel


Some of our recent logo designs

Preview of Branding Manual Book & DVD (This material is subjected to copyrights)

This video show how’s SST branding Manuel catalog DVD preview. there you can see It has all type of logo formats with its acceptable logo variation. also there some office document design with SSt logo. It makes life easier than making just a logo.


Some of our recent software development

Newtor L2 is a scientific computer program that was deigned for demonstrate, calculate and other scientific validation of Newton's second law. By using this program user may able to verify how Newton's second law works and its various forms in physics.
Principal is a Learning management system.There users have ability to work with network/team environment. Access level of a certain user is differs according to institute hierarchy. This program helps to summarize institute process,payment, student management and task scheduling. also this program can develop to sms alert (Most recent update have this ability)

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