WebMaster – Infinite

This is a down payment only

  • Addition LKR 1500/Per 1hour (First hour Free)
  • Expired from 3 Days after purchase
  • This only valid for the purchased item (ex. Websites, FB Campaigns).
  • Please request a quote if you want a better price.

This is one of the best webmaster packages. Maintained by a webmaster or an expert web developer who works at Axault. This is not for normal web posting purpose. This means this package comes with VAS extra features for advanced troubleshooting. And this is for Axault customer only

this package limitation as follows:

    • This webmaster works every 24/7 hours
    • Any task related to website under design and troubleshooting(Feature improvement not included such as payment gateway adding and translation option adding)
    • Addition LKR 1500/Per 1hour (First hour Free)
    • One-time Solution/ Expired after 3 days from the purchased date

If you have updates and bugs on your site, we will provide you with not essential but very useful service to help you solve problems with quality and reliability,

  • All the service can be made by phone call.
  • Experienced Web postings are done by experts.
  • All publications ‘SEO’ updates from Google search result’s the first place your website Could bring to.
  • Instant Troubleshooting and Fix

Etc. Many services can be easily done.


Ask how we going to do that!

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